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  • "I have diabetic neuropathy in my legs and feet and some nights I can barely stand it. I turn this on and cover it with a heavy blanket and I have often times fall asleep, love that it has an automatic timer on it. This was recommended to me by my chiropractor and I love it!"

    - Nancy T.

  • "I have all types of "work out tools" for stretch accessories that I incorporate into my movement flow in the mornings but THIS, Posturix™ - Yoga Posture Corrector, is my now my favorite "Go To." It is and feels organic, there is structure, there is a feeling of specific discipline that is not flexible, I'm liking it very much!"

    - Shannon D

  • "I was a little scared at first to use heat on my eyelashes, afterall it doesn't sound like the smartest idea but OMG... I used it before I applied mascara and my lashes had a nice little curl to them. But once I put on my mascara and then used the heated eye lash curler again... Definitely a must have to add to your make-up routine."

    - Cassondra C

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